Why Clean Lean Protein is naturally good

Clean Lean Protein is simply better for you … naturally. At every stage from the field to you, Clean Lean Protein evokes the essence of quality.

Image: The Krush Juice Lounge

Made from peas grown under the strictest of conditions by a 6th generation family-owned company in France and processed using superior, patented technology in Belgium, Clean Lean Protein provides the highest-quality plant-based protein. The state-of-the-art extraction techniques ensure that not only is Clean Lean Protein able to pack in more protein, but it does so without any lingering nasties. It is free from common allergens, lectins, phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors and other ‘anti-nutrients’ that can be present in plant-based proteins and which can irritate the gut, impede the absorption of minerals, or reduce the digestion of the protein itself. 

The purity of Clean Lean Protein also means that it has extremely high digestion and absorption rates naturally (without the need for added digestive enhancers). Not only that, but Clean Lean Protein is naturally rich in muscle-supporting branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine and is naturally complete, containing all nine essential amino acids, without the need to combine it with other, potentially inferior protein blends.

Clean Lean Protein is the cleanest, highest protein, plant-based protein on the market and due to its high protein level, giving you more protein per scoop and more serves per jar, it also offers great value for money (and it tastes great). 

So, if you’re looking for clean, lean, premium plant-based protein, with no nasties … Clean Lean Protein is a fantastic natural choice. Simple really. 


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