Ti Ora Tea Talks

Inspiring natural wellbeing

Good magazine is taking the time-honoured tradition of sharing a cup of tea one step further with Ti Ora Tea Talks – a series of educational events, inspirational podcasts and a series of magazine interviews covering a wide range of wellbeing topics.

A stellar line-up of health and wellbeing experts will share their thoughts on alleviating anxiety, overcoming past pain, connecting mindfully with kids, and creating a little bit of extraordinary in everyday life. Speakers include Jess Blair (wellness coach and naturopath), Jason Shon Bennett (health mentor and best-selling author), and Taimi Allan (mind and body consultant and actor). If you’re looking for new ways to care for the planet, the people around you, and yourself, Ti Ora Tea Talks are a great place to start.

Ti Ora Tea Talk with Jason Shon Bennett

Jason Shon Bennett talks about how to stay young, by using food as your nutritional weapon against illness and disease.

Learn why fasting is good for you.
What surprising top 5 foods does Jason recommend you add to your diet.
Which top 3 things to avoid for living healthier for longer.

Ti Ora Tea Talk with Janelle Brunton-Rennie

Janelle Brunton-Rennie talks about overcoming grief and loss. In January 2019 she lost her husband and the love of her life, Kurt Brunton, aged 41, and father of her baby girl Sage, to cancer. Her grief journey to date has helped a lot of people along the way by choosing to share her grief journey publicly on social media.

  • Janelle shares why she decided to go public with her grief journey
  • Her learnings including guilt, forgiveness and gratitude
  • Her advice to anyone experiencing loss.

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